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Icon Spoofiness

i spoof, u spoof, wee al spoof!!!!!

Icons of spoofiness!
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- This little tiny ity bity public space of LJ
is brought to you by souppy, otherwise known as
Souppy-dono. It is a place where you can see my
lovely gorgeous gravity-defying mediocre
collection of ICONS and BASES that I have put
together....for...the public.

- Mainly does Anime & Game bases/icons
- Also does American TV Dramas (Lost, House, etc)
- Also does limited J-Rock and J-Pop bases/icons
- Shinies

- Icons and bases are free to eat take.
- Comment when taking, no need to ask, and
please CREDIT appropriately in keywords.
- Failure to credit will result in serious
lynching punishment.
- Bases may be edited, icons may not.
- If you see an icon that has no text, but is
under the ICON catergory, do NOT assume it is
a base, and do NOT edit it.
- You may submit requests only when I
have an entry stating that I am open for
requests (see menyoo).
- Hotlink, and I will kill you dead.

- When I state I am open for requests,
I will be open for the first TEN requests,
unless otherwise mentioned.
- I will do text requests for the bases
I list as well as any other (but when you
get the icon, you must credit both the maker
of the base and us)
- I will do certain animations, but
nothing extraordinary that takes ten pages
to describe.
- What I mean is, simple text blinking,
background flashing, etc.
- Nothing extreme.

- condomints
- insane_artifice
- le_graphics
- glitter_falls
- _nightrainbow
- copernican
- bombayicons
- saiyuki_awards
- ky_awards
- To become one, just leave a comment!

Brushes: kurogane, drave,
lilmonstericons, slaygalthessily
Fonts: dafont.com
Pictures: animevisions.net, animegalleries.net,
advancedanime.com, google.com
image search, yahoo.com image search